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Rear spare tyre covers are used on 4×4 vehicles and some caravans, vans, scooters and suv vehicles These are very popular and come in various sizes, types and designs.

They serve four purposes

  • Protects the tyre

Reduces the chances of theft and vandalism. Protects the tyre from sun and rain and thus improves the life of your spare tyre over a period of time

  • Appearance

This completes the look of the vehicle. It looks good and adds value to the vehicle.

  • Advertising

A fantastic way to advertise your company. This gets high visibility and one can put a telephone number or website easily on this. Normally the garage which sells you the 4×4 puts their own advert on here, but its best to replace this with your own. Text or pictures can be added easily or you can stick on a vinyl round picture.

  • Personal Touch

Creates your own message, logo, picture or character. Unique personal touches can be put on your vehicle. Some even put a picture of their pets or their logo or text words of their own.

Types of wheel covers

There are three types of wheel covers

  • Soft covers

image of soft wheel covers

These can be plain black, silver or white. They also come in various printed designs. The material is normally faux leather with a elasticated mouth which firmly fits around the tyre. This snaps shut at the rear of the tyre. The elastic is usually a thick 5mm strong band which has the two ends stapled together inside the cover and sewn into the mouth of the cover. It is easier to print your own artwork on the semi rigid or plastic covers. The soft covers are good for silk pad printing using plates but these are not economical for a one off print. You cannot put a vinyl sticker on a soft cover but you can on a semi rigid or a metal cover. You can use a personal pad printer to put your own design

  • Semi Rigid plastic covers

These are normally plastic front made of tough abs plastic with faux leather sides. This has an elasticated mouth with a thick 5mm elastic band sewn inside the mouth of the cover. This is then put on the tyre and snaps shut at the rear.

It is very easy to fit and installation takes about 3 minutes.

These very suitable for vinyl stickers as well as pad printing. Vinyl round stickers can be purchased easily and you can even email your personal logo picture or text message to a vinyl printing company and they will then give you the printed vinyl in a round circular shape. You will need to know the diameter of your circle for the vinyl.

These can also be spray colour painted to match the exact colour of your vehicle. They normally come in a choice of black or silver as standard.

image of wheel covers Steel and Chrome metal covers

  • These normally have locks and keys and have brackets riveted on the ring.
  • The ring itself is metal and has a safety insulating rubber gasket or bead on both sides of the ring all the way round. This helps to make it fit nicely and stops any rattling sound. It also prevents water from going inside the ring.
  • The locking mechanism has various adjustment points to allow for adjustment. If your spare tyre is new or worn it will make a difference to the overall diameter of the tyre and therefore a good spare wheel cover will have adjustment points to allow for this.
  • The front ABS disc is made of toughened plastic for safety reasons. This slightly flexes and bends to firmly be wedged under the round curve of the metal ring
  • Both the ring and the abs front disc are supplied covered with a Anti Scratch film. This prevents scratches during manufacture and transport. It is advised to keep this anti scratch film on whilst fitting and only remove it once the ring is firmly fitted on to the tyre.
  • The metal covers can also be spray colour painted to match the exact colour of your vehicle. They front disc normally come in a choice of black or silver as standard.


image of 4x4 wheel covers


There are over 260 sizes of rear spare tyre out there. It is important to get the correct size for your tyre. Soft covers and semi rigid covers do flex and have an elasticated mouth so there is a greater adjustment allowance when fitting. However steel metal and chrome ring covers do not flex and the size must be precise and accurate.


The tyre size is written on the round surface of the tyre. Sometimes if your spare tyre has already got an old cover you need to remove the old cover to read the tyre size. It is important not to just use one of the other four tyres size and assume it’s the same because in some cases the spare tyre is a different size than your four tyres.

This is normally shown for example as 205/70/R15.   The “R” refers to the rim size in inches so you could have a 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 or even 19 inch rim size. Knowing your rim size alone is not enough as you will need the full tyre size as shown on your tyre for eg 265/65/R16.


The Steel metal chrome covers are metal products and may have sharp edges – Mind your hands & wear gloves. Please regularly check the tightness of your tyre cover. If this is loose or the lock is faulty do not use it on the road. Remember to keep your keys safe. Children should be kept away. Use a light oil spray inside or wax /polish regularly to keep your ring shiny. Make sure the lock is at the bottom to ensure water drainage. Avoid high intensive automatic car washes. If your ring gets scratched and as it gets older over the years, you can colour paint your wheel cover using oil paint.

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