Extra Large Outdoor Dog Kennel Winter Pet House Shelter Wooden Animal Hut

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Why Buy A Dog Kennel? Many dogs need a home to call their own, and what better place to take a nap then a Kennel? When Buying a Dog kennel size really matters, The ceiling should be 3 inches taller than the tallest part of the dog in sitting position. The interior should provide 36 square inches of floor area for every inch of the dogs height, from the point of his shoulders to the ground - eg. A dog that is 20" tall needs 720 square inches of floor space, 20" X 36" = 720 square inches). Our Dog Kennels are made to be large so that larger dogs have adequate safe room to allow the ability to sit, lay down and turn. Our XL size Dog Kennel will provide an attractive shelter for most breeds of domestic dogs in any garden throughout the seasons. With extensive research we've discovered the perfect size - Our Dimensions are as follows: External dimensions of Dog Kennel: 116cm (46") Width x 79cm (31") (Depth) x 81cm (32") Height. Internal dimensions: 103cm (41") Width x 65cm (26") Depth x 71cm (28") Height. Our Dog Kennel Features: ✔ A strong floor and integral designed legs to lift the base clear of the ground to prevent rising damp and ensure adequate air circulation. ✔ The Raised floor has a 5cm ground clearance, allows air to circulate under Kennel keeping the floor dry and comfortable. ✔ The Feet of Kennel covered by rot free plastic caps to protect the Wood from the Soil. ✔ The door opening is shaped to provide a greater area of shelter from wind and rain. ✔ The roof slightly slopes from front to back to allow water drainage and is covered with a green mineral felt. ✔ The roof can easily be removed for easy access cleaning, maintenance and pest control. ✔ The Wooden dog house is weather proof and will provide a safe place for your dog to rest and live, ✔ The entrance is intentionally off centre so that the Dog can curl up in the corner, protected from direct drafts ✔ Keeps your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer. FREE UK DELIVERY ! Dog Kennel Owners Tips: We highly recommend the following tips to ensure that all precautions are taken to provide your dog with a safe and habitable environment The shelter should be protected from the wind with the door facing opposite of wind direction. The entrance should be off-centre so the dog can curl up in the corner, protected from cold drafts. Warm bedding should be provided in the shelter corner to provide a safe warm place for your pet to rest. The roof should be able to be removed to allow warm weather ventilation and ease of cleaning. Additionally a slope should be present to provide drainage. During extremely cold weather we recommend the entrance should be covered with a waterproof canvas. Dogs must have sufficient fresh water which is changed frequently and accessible. Remember a Dog Shelter is for sleeping and escaping extreme weathers, not to live in. Postage: Shipping:- All orders placed before 3 PM are sent out the same day via Courier Collection from our UK Based warehouse, We ensure items are packed with great care and arrive in a timely manner. Returns:- In the unfortunate event that the item received was defective or incorrect, Please contact us immediately so we can take prompt action in resolving the matter with you through the following methods: A replacement can be sent out urgently through careful staff quality control Alternatively a full refund can be made upon return of the item
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