Bank Note Banknote Money Bill Counter Currency Fake Detector Pound Cash Machine

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Professional Model Money Counter which features the latest technology currently on the market, The model is favored by clients worldwide as their top choice for operations and is compatible for most currencies in the world including GBP Pound notes, EU and US notes. Works with the new Polymer Banknotes and Old Banknotes Features Batch counting and Add functions The counter features automatic detecting with Ultraviolet and Magnetic scan while counting. Once the bills are placed in the hopper the machine will start counting automatically and is displayed on the monitor, The counter includes a separate monitor for customers if necessary. The counter has the latest technology in counterfeit detection, UV Ultraviolet: Used to check all kinds of banknotes which contain UV. This feature is auomtically turned on by default and can be controlled using the function console. If the machine detects a counterfeit note it will stop and emit a beeping sound while showing the E-2 alert. The Dubious bill will always be the last one in the stacker. MG Magnetic: The counter also features detection of Magnetic counterfeit detection and will automatically scan and detect offending notes, the Bill counter features several Magnetic scanners which are automatically turned on along with Ultraviolet detection . Includes instruction manual and cleaning tools. Specifications Counting Speed >1000pcs/min Hopper Capacity > 130pcs Stacker Capacity >130pcs Power Consumption : <80W Empty Load Work Noise: <60DB Weight: 6KG
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