Orthopaedic Leg Raise Pillow Foot Rest Bed Wedge Cushion Support OL16

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Orthologics Leg Rest Wedge Pillow - Memory Foam OL16 ✔The Orthologics LARGE Leg Wedge Pillow cushion brings new heights of unparalleled comfort and relaxation to your everyday life, ✔ Made from specially designed molded memory foam, the Orthopedic Leg Wedge pillow provide ergonomic raised support to your back area and provides elevated support to assist with Surgical recovery ✔Ideal for individuals who suffer from Back & Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Edema, Varicose Veins, phlebitis and Circulation related ailments ✔Additionally the Wedge aids with Leg cramps and relief from restless leg syndrome and improves blood circulation by elevating feet above heart level. The generous size ensures full comfort and can be used by anyone. ✔The Triangle Wedge pillow can be used for just about any purpose and comes with a small Orthologics carry case for easy transportation ✔The leg rest helps aid proper alignment and relaxes your muscles to put you at ease, The Extra Large Wedge is extremely sturdy and big, designed for all sizes and heights. ✔The Pillow is Designed from long lasting memory foam which moulds to your body's natural contour for a perfect custom fit. ✔Fitted with a removable/washable zip off soft cover ✔ Extra Large size : 25"x20"x8" (63cm x 53cm x 20cm) COMPRESSED FOR SHIPPING - PLEASE ALLOW 24 HOURS+ FOR FINAL RESULTS
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